Good Night

Made for Mermaids just released the Catherine Pattern set and I can’t stop making it.


I knew I wanted to try making a nightgown for my little love. I decided to skip the sleeve flounce this time. (or rather I held myself back from sewing another sleeve flounce…because it is so pretty!)


The nightgown modification details are available on this page from the the pattern designers. It is super easy!


This version is made with all rayon spandex from Angel Textiles and JB Fabrics in Downtown LA (tips for navigating the district and favorite stops along the way)




In this picture she reminds me of Wendy waiting for Peter Pan…so of course now I want to make her a baby blue short sleeve version. #sewallthecatherines


I’ll be sharing all of my Catherines, but you can also see what others are sewing in the Made for Mermaids Facebook Group.

For the detail oriented seamstresses out there: My daughter is wearing a size 2, she has a 21″ chest measurement and is age 3. And I made no pattern modifications, except to cut the dress length before adding the ruffle.

Hurry and checkout all Catherine Release party fun and stay updated as the Mermaids prep for their 40K Party! You can view photos of all the options available, checkout the mods, that will give you even more options (and snag the pattern at a discount, of course!) at Made for Mermaids

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And please join the community and be inspired by all the Catherine creations (big, small, and doll sized) over in the Made for Mermaids Facebook group.

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Review at Pattern Review (dot) com


Wiggle Dress: Full Length Gown

When you need something extra special in a hurry, the Patterns for Pirates Wiggle Dress PDF Pattern is going to be your best friend.


I knew I wanted to give the full length option a try because it just looked incredible on every single person that had already sewn it! I opted for the 3/4 Sleeve as it is my personal favorite length for my body shape and of course went off-the-shoulder because…I cannot stop sewing the off-the-shoulder option.


I checked my stash from my last trip to the Fashion District in Downtown LA  and when I couldn’t decide which fabric to pick, I asked some of the ladies from the Patterns for Pirates Facebook Group to pick for me. Someone picked this plaid Liverpool from Angel Textiles and the result is pretty awesome. It’s just perfect for the coming Holiday season. Fabric choices are everything and this plaid dressed it down a little. If you are going someplace extra special check out the more formal fabric options that have been sewn up.

And I’ve got to say, that neckline DOES NOT BUDGE.  I can promise you, you will not need to adjust all day/night long! Don’t worry about sewing it either, it finishes beautifully and quite easily.


The Wiggle, in all it’s forms, is also incredibly comfortable.  Like, seriously, The days I wear one, I do not find the need to change when I get home to relax, because I am already THAT comfortable. I know you want to roll your eyes at that…because we all have clothes that we wear the second we come home. But seriously, I am finding myself wearing the Wiggle from morning to night.

20171011_123836 copy

…and can we take a minute to talk about the back shaping again? It is going to do you ALL KINDS of favors. The pattern comes with a built in sway back adjustment so it will hug your curves.

20171011_123111_c copy

…and in my case make me feel like some kind of Christmas Tree Farm Model. LOL!

20171011_123822 copy copy

For the detail oriented seamstresses out there: I used XL graded to L in the hips (My
current measurements are 36 Overbust, 41 Bust, 33 High Waist, 41 hips) and did my standard height adjustments to account for my 5′-2″ frame as the pattern is drafted for 5′–5″. 

Checkout all the Wiggle release festivities, view photos of all the options available, checkout the mods and snag the pattern by Novemeber 1st to get the sale price at Patterns for Pirates).

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And please join the community and be inspired by all the Wiggle Dress creations over in the Patterns for Pirates Facebook Group. I hope to see you in there and sew along with you!

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Made for Mermaids Ava: Scuba Dress

Made for Mermaids Ava and the Mama Ava  Patterns have been favorites in our home since their release last year. It is just the perfect bodice for my daughter and fits well according to her measurements. Here is my baby girl last fall in the mid-length sleeve, curved tunic option.


Ava comes together so quickly and finishes beautifully. It is also a work horse in our house. I know it well and often use it when I need to sew something up quick for my babe.

She loves beautiful florals and when she saw this scuba come home from Angel Textiles after a trip to the Downtown LA Fashion District, I knew I wanted to sew it up quick. So I grabbed Ava and got to work to make this beautiful little dress.


I used the bodice as is, with those mid-length sleeves again, because I love the length on her. And when cutting, I cropped the bodice about 3 inches below the armsyce. Then just cut 2 rectangles of leftover fabric for the front and back of the skirt. Each rectangle is cut to correspond with the front and back bodice pieces at approx. 1.75 times the width (and as long as desired). Sew up the side seams. Pin bodice and skirt side seams, pin center front and center back and serge the skirt to the bodice pulling the bodice to fit the skirt piece (I highly recommend adding clear elastic while serging to help support the weight of the skirt and to gather it in).


Instead of fighting with a scuba neckband, I opted to finished with Fold Over Elastic. (I find the best deals for FOE on Ebay). I like to baste it on with a zig-zag stitch to the wrong side of the fabric, then fold over and triple zig–zag top stitch.


Hem and you are done!  It’s perfect for special occasions or dress up and comfortable enough for playtime.



I know she will get a lot of use out of this dress and that we will get even more use out of the Ava pattern. (And stay tuned to see how I used this fabric to sew something awesome for myself from the newest Patterns for Pirates Pattern about to drop!)

SONY DSCAnd in case your little is creative with the scissors too… you might be interested in knowing that I picked up this bow in a rainbow set of 50 from Amazon and they are doing the trick to kinda disguise the Owen Wilson haircut she gave herself.