DIY Moto Joggers

You can choose your favorite Jogger Pattern. For my son, I prefer the Patterns for Pirates Baby Bear Joggers.


Now don’t be intimidated, this hack will only effect your front pattern piece and construction method for the pants will not change.


First get your pattern printed off and then it is time to free style.

Determine your knee line, then decide how large you would like your knee patch (you can see that I chose to have about a 5.5″ inch in length knee patch), but you can decide how big you would like your patch.

***Consider patch placement, if you would like the patch evenly above and below the knee then you will want to make sure your knee patch piece is centered around your knee line.

Full disclosure: my son was asleep so I eyeballed where I wanted the patch. So don’t be afraid to dive in blindly, like me. haha!


Go ahead and slice your front pattern piece into 3. Then cut your fabric (mine is a French Terry from Michael Levine with rayon/spandex for cuffs and waistand), remember to add seam allowance to your new cut lines!

Now I took just my knee patches, drew my preferred stitch lines on the back, in my case I used a .5″ spacing in a cross hatch pattern and then you will top stitch.


Since this pattern is drafted for knits, I went with a triple zig zag stitch (stretch stitch) for the top stitching. You will likely get a little puckering as you sew, it’s okay, just press it every now and again and it will come out just fine.


Note: If your machine wants to “eat” your fabric go ahead and stick a piece of tissue paper under it while sewing to help it feed through and then tear it away when you are done.

Now sew your pieces back together and top stitch, if desired.


AND THAT IS IT. Follow the rest of the pattern instructions! It’s that easy!


I am really happy with the finished look for my big guy’s 6th birthday. (But is he six or 16? Time is moving way too fast!)


I love elastic, athletic style waistband that comes in this pattern.


For more info on this method you can see my Stitch Upon a Time Goldilegs here.


For the deepest discount, I recommend purchasing the P4P Jogger Patterns in the family bundle.

And please join the community and be inspired by all the amazing creations over in the Patterns for Pirates Facebook Group.

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Pattern Description: Patterns for Pirates, Baby Bear Joggers: “jogger style with a relaxed looser top and tighter fitted calves…Comes with roll up hem, elastic hem, cuff hem, elastic waistband, yoga waistband, drawstring, slat pockets, and patch pockets! These are drafted for a more stable knit like french terry.”

Pattern sizing: Size 6, my son was right on the high end of a size 5, by measurments and I decided to sew up a size 6 so that he can get longer wear out of them.

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern when you were finished sewing? Yes
Were the instructions complete and easy to follow? yes, lots of pictures are included in the tutorial.

Fabric used: Stretch French Terry

Did you use the recommended fabrics in the pattern: Yes

Did you alter the pattern in any way? Yes, I altered the front leg piece to add moto patch: INFO HERE

Was there anything you disliked or would change? No, I love this pattern and have used it a few times, my son loves it too. They are some of his favorites.

Would you sew it again? Yes, I’ve already sewn in a few times.

Would you recommend it to others? Yes

Do you consider the pattern beginner/intermediate/advanced? Beginner

Seam allowance used in the pattern? 1/2″ (some seams are smaller, but are clearly noted)