Mimi G Style+ Simplicity 1283 Review : DIY Ponte Pants

I bought Simplicity 1283 when it was first released (back in ’14?) and by the time I got to making it, my measurements said I needed to move up to the larger packet size! haha! Lesson learned, sew patterns when you get them! Anyway, the fit on Mimi is definitely why I purchased the pattern (both times).

I determined my size using the pattern chart. My measurements are: 33″ High Waist and 41″ hips. I cut a size 18 out of Ponte knit fabric. I found the youtube sew-a-long very helpful and did not use the pattern instructions at all.

Initially, I used a basting stitch to roughly put the pants together. I had already started the fit process on my left leg when I snapped this picture:

Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 4.45.44 PM

I found the fit through the legs to be over all too large, compared to the envelope picture. As I have both size range envelopes, I decided to compare the patterns. The larger sizes seem to be graded with a less extreme curve through the knee. I’m guessing this has something to do with standard sizing, but it does explain why I had more of a straight leg look.

Next time I am going to use a more structured knit. I don’t like how it drapes below the knee in the front.

Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 4.45.41 PM

In the end, I was very happy with this pattern and will sew it again. I did take it in quite a bit (also in the darts, and waistband), I think I can size down with success. I do expect to need to fit patterns for my unique body and am happy that the only changes needed were slimming it down.

Don’t forget this is a HIGH waist pattern. Personally, I love it, but I will likely take it down another half inch in the rise next time.

Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 4.45.21 PM

Final result:






Pattern Description: Mimi G Style + Simplicity 1283
Pattern sizing: choose envelope: 6-14 or 16-24.
Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern when you were finished sewing? Yes
Were the instructions complete and easy to follow? I followed the YouTube sew-a-long
Fabric used: Ponte
Did you use the recommended fabrics in the pattern: Yes
Did you alter the pattern in any way? Yes. I moved the rear zip to a side zip, just because it is my preference. I am 5′-2 and took my standard height adjustment out of the rise and I shortened about an inch in the thigh. (I left the rest long to account for 5″ heels). I took in from hips to knee significantly to achieve the look of the pattern cover.
Was there anything you disliked or would change? I only wish there wasn’t quite so much ease, but this is an issue for me with most patterns (be they paper or .pdf)
Would you sew it again? Yes
Would you recommend it to others? Yes
Do you consider the pattern beginner/intermediate/advanced? Beginner to Intermediate
Pants: Do the front and back have separate rises? Yes
Seam allowance used in the pattern? 5/8″

Here is how I am styling them in my everyday life. haha!

Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 4.45.31 PM

Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 4.45.36 PM

Wiggle Dress: Full Length Gown

When you need something extra special in a hurry, the Patterns for Pirates Wiggle Dress PDF Pattern is going to be your best friend.


I knew I wanted to give the full length option a try because it just looked incredible on every single person that had already sewn it! I opted for the 3/4 Sleeve as it is my personal favorite length for my body shape and of course went off-the-shoulder because…I cannot stop sewing the off-the-shoulder option.


I checked my stash from my last trip to the Fashion District in Downtown LA  and when I couldn’t decide which fabric to pick, I asked some of the ladies from the Patterns for Pirates Facebook Group to pick for me. Someone picked this plaid Liverpool from Angel Textiles and the result is pretty awesome. It’s just perfect for the coming Holiday season. Fabric choices are everything and this plaid dressed it down a little. If you are going someplace extra special check out the more formal fabric options that have been sewn up.

And I’ve got to say, that neckline DOES NOT BUDGE.  I can promise you, you will not need to adjust all day/night long! Don’t worry about sewing it either, it finishes beautifully and quite easily.


The Wiggle, in all it’s forms, is also incredibly comfortable.  Like, seriously, The days I wear one, I do not find the need to change when I get home to relax, because I am already THAT comfortable. I know you want to roll your eyes at that…because we all have clothes that we wear the second we come home. But seriously, I am finding myself wearing the Wiggle from morning to night.

20171011_123836 copy

…and can we take a minute to talk about the back shaping again? It is going to do you ALL KINDS of favors. The pattern comes with a built in sway back adjustment so it will hug your curves.

20171011_123111_c copy

…and in my case make me feel like some kind of Christmas Tree Farm Model. LOL!

20171011_123822 copy copy

For the detail oriented seamstresses out there: I used XL graded to L in the hips (My
current measurements are 36 Overbust, 41 Bust, 33 High Waist, 41 hips) and did my standard height adjustments to account for my 5′-2″ frame as the pattern is drafted for 5′–5″. 

Checkout all the Wiggle release festivities, view photos of all the options available, checkout the mods and snag the pattern by Novemeber 1st to get the sale price at Patterns for Pirates).

I’d love if you would stay tuned here, or follow me on IG @clothed.in.vermillion to check-out all the Wiggles I have sewn for my closet!

And please join the community and be inspired by all the Wiggle Dress creations over in the Patterns for Pirates Facebook Group. I hope to see you in there and sew along with you!

***Update: 10-28-17 I have added affiliate links to this post. Click them before you purchase your patterns if you would like to see more reviews at Clothed in Vermillion. Affiliate links will help me pay for more patterns and fabric, of course. ***