Boutique Boho Catherine from Made for Mermaids

Made for Mermaids just released the Catherine Pattern set and this quick and beautiful sew just makes my heart happy. And my baby’s heart happy. Win-Win. (or if you are a Michael Scott fan, then we can call it a Win-Win-Win, because we all win.)


Any excuse to sew up a Catherine and I am going to take it! So……..when my beautiful little boho babe decided to paint her cream floral Catherine with one of my lipsticks 45 minutes before we had to leave, I jumped at the challenge to sew up another as fast as I could.

Boom. Even had plenty of time to stop for coffee on our way.


Now, pattern mixing is not my forte, but we both love how this one turned out! I went with the square neckline, regular flounce sleeve, and ruffled dress options.


This version is made with a floral brushed poly and leopard rayon spandex both from JB Fabrics in Downtown LA (tips for navigating the district and favorite stops along the way)



That neckline is just gorgeous!


(please excuse the lining showing a little, I was in a hurry and forgot to under-stitch, as per pattern instructions)


I’ll be sharing more, but you can also see what others are sewing in the Made for Mermaids Facebook Group. 

Don’t forget all the options available! You get 3 necklines, 5+sleeves,  3 lengths and 3 hem styles. Plus all the hacks and mods that the pattern designers and fellow sewcialists’ posts in the facebook group make this pattern a workhorse.


For the detail oriented seamstresses out there: My daughter is wearing a size 2, she has a 21″ chest measurement and is age 3. And I made no pattern modifications, however, I sewed this dress up early during testing and a little bit of length was added to the bodice for the ruffle dress option to make the dress just a touch longer.

Hurry and checkout all Catherine Release party fun and stay tuned as the Mermaids prep for their 40K Party! You can view photos of all the options available, checkout the mods, that will give you even more options (and snag the pattern at a discount, of course!) at Made for Mermaids

I’d love if you would stay tuned here, or follow me on Instagram to check-out all the Catherines that I have sewn so far and the many more to come!

And please join the community and be inspired by all the Catherine creations (big, small, and doll sized) over in the Made for Mermaids Facebook group.

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