The Dynamic Duo

This blog post could also be called the “Dynamic Duo”, “How to Make the Most of Your Custom Knit Fabrics” or  “When Custom Fabric Cost is Worth It” …although, full disclosure, I bought this knit second hand at a discounted price from the Knit Destash Facebook Group.

These two are fire and ice, but they both agree on one thing:


How to Train Your Dragon. A funny thing to bond over, but I’ll take it! So, when I saw this fabric posted. I knew my kids HAD to have it and I knew I had to make less than a yard of it REALLY stretch.


First, I pulled out one of my favorite kids patterns, the Yo Ho Henley from Patterns for Pirates. It is my favorite basic tee for kids.  (Info on Moto Pants)


I made this 100% true to pattern, so there is not much to say here. He sizes into a size 6 with size 7 length, so all I needed to do was cut a six and add some length. I love making him tees. Ready to wear shirts are either too broad for his thin/tall frame or too short.


I knew I wanted to color block this and I don’t have a vinyl cutting machine (plus my embroidery option on the Brother SE400 is pretty small) so I pulled out some fabric iron-on paper and just made a quick little iron-on, with a quote that I love.


Adding a border to an iron-on like this gives it more definition so that you don’t have a weird white square or an awkwardly cut out quote. It turned out awesome! (and it helped me use less HtTYD fabric)

For my daughter, since I am loving the Alley Cat Romper from Lil Luxe Collection right now, I knew that the short bodice would be perfect for conserving fabric. I checked in with the Lil Luxe Facebook Group for inspiration first. (at the end of my fabric Tetris I had just enough for the leg cuffs, so that was an added bonus, I didn’t plan for that)


I did a full review of the The Alley Cat with info on sizing and fit here: Alley Cat Romper by Lil Luxe Collection


Both times I have made the romper version I have needed to add back ties to keep the neckline from slipping. They are super cute and I love them, but the romper does not seem to want to stay put (I even tried adding clear elastic this time.)  However, in the Leotard option I have not had this issue. This may be an exclusive issue to my daughter’s shape as I have seen other littles wearing it just fine without the ties.

At the end of the day, she is happy. So I am happy and little fit issues don’t bother me.



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I highly suggest joining the Patterns for Pirates and  Lil Luxe groups on Facebook to be inspired by all the beautiful creations others are making with this pattern.


THE NITTY-GRITTY for the Yo Ho Henley:

Pattern Description: Patterns for Pirates Yo Ho Henley 
Pattern sizing: 3 months to 14
Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern when you were finished sewing? Yes
Were the instructions complete and easy to follow? Yes. Detailed information and photos of construction are provided.
Fabric used: Cotton Lycra
Did you use the recommended fabrics in the pattern: Yes
Did you alter the pattern in any way?  No, I added length for his height only.
Was there anything you disliked or would change? No, we really love it!
Would you sew it again? Yes I’ve already made it 10 times or so.
Would you recommend it to others? Yes
Do you consider the pattern beginner/intermediate/advanced? Beginner
Seam allowance used in the pattern? 1/2″ throughout


See you next time!